Connect with mother nature, ignite your sense of adventure and
say hello to your own true nature. 


We believe wellness, adventure and nature are one in the same and that's why we're passionate about creating handcrafted experiences to combine the three together in epic adventures, classes & events around the world.

Hello True Nature retreats are based on the foundation of tapping into your intuition. Giving yourself the space to rest down fully, connect to your true nature & give you clarity on your soul’s purpose.

Wow this is exactly what I needed... I’m not the typical “retreat client” but the whole weekend was so relaxing and gave me purpose to make my life more fulfilling, happy & calm.
— Steve, Canberra, Winter Wellness Retreat
I arrived on Friday evening with a genuine feeling of exhaustion and anxiety, but this retreat has provided me with perspective and clarity and has given me the feeling of empowerment to impact positive change. Thank you.
— Emily, UK, Winter Wellness Retreat